BMW 3 Series

  • Client:BMW
  • Production:Psyop
  • Director:Chris Staves

See article about the shoot BMW magazine

For the “Yet” shoot, BMW required a 40-foot-tall bubble that was 220 feet long and 100 feet wide, or about the size of an Olympic skating rink. Blimp Hangar 1 housed the bubble with a yawn. Once inside the hangar, the bubble took two days to build and just 20 minutes to inflate.
Large fans blowing into the 1,300-lb. bubble kept it inflated with a mere 0.03 psi of air pressure. The cement floor of the hangar was painted bright white to match the bubble. The effect was akin to being trapped inside a massive light bulb. So everything was ready, and here’s the setup: Inside a Leviathan wooden structure, there sat a gigantic white vinyl bubble, lit from the outside by huge movie lights. The stage floor was marked with blocking tape and the bubble had an opening at each end just big enough for a BMW and a camera car to enter and exit.

  • Date: November 25, 2012